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Online Store Set Up

Sell Gift Cards and Merchandise

If you have reached this page but have yet to receive training on your online store, please contact the Fore! Reservations website team –, 630-789-9784 ext. 4. Click here to view online training videos for the store.

Online Store Outline
Requirements: .NET, Fore! Web and Fore! Sell

1. In Fore! Reservations choose Setup | Users | Security | Choose the Security Level required to complete only store transactions. Only users with this number security enabled can move an Internet Order to the shopping cart to be posted.

2. In Fore! Sell, visit the sales item setup screen. Choose the item you would like to activate online | Choose Internet | Check off Web Item. This can be done in the individual sales item set up or the sales item grid view.

3. Create a new payment tender in Fore! Reservations that accounts for prepaid transactions online. You can call this payment whatever you would like.

4. Sync Fore! Internet to get all new items on the dashboard. Click on the Fore! Internet Icon | Choose Stop | Wait for the Internet to Stop | Choose Start.

5. Visit and login with your Fore! Internet email.

7. Configure Sales Items: Fore! Web | Online Store | Configure Layout

a. First Column (Online Store Categories): Create new online store categories by choosing “Add a New Category.” Add a category name (required), description and photo (optional). The category, description and photo will display on your online store.

b. Second Column (Online Store Sales Items): Use the category dropdown to display all of the items you have indicated to sell online in Fore! Sell or choose the category “All” to show all items. Double click each item to edit that particular item. Edit the name, description and image of the item and choose “Save Sales Item.”

c. Third Column (Online Store Layout): Drag and drop categories from column one into column three. Next, drag items from column two under their proper online category.

5. Choose Save Layout. Your new layout will be pushed to the web within the hour.

6. Fore! Reservations Checkout Process: when an ordered is processed on the web, the user will be prompted in the following ways:
a. Status Bar Notification – Internet orders updates are performed every 30 minutes while Fore!
Reservations is open. There will be a notification button in the status bar for any order that has
not been completely processed. If there are no order or all orders, nothing will show up.
b. Alert Window – Displayed for 60 seconds and then fads out. This alert displays outside of Fore! Reservations in the bottom right corner of the desktop

7. Click on either pop-up to open the Internet Orders screen, or choose the internet orders icon on the bottom right of Fore! Reservations.

8. Double click on the order you would like to process. View order details by clicking on the “Order Details” screen, and choose post to reconcile the item.

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